Some confidences

  • I am a 5th year marine biology and ecology student.
  • I am French but I can survive without cheese… At least I can try.
  • I want Enric Salaʼs and Mike Hornʼs jobs (at the same time) for the National Geographic Society. (But if Laurent Ballesta offers me to join his team I will think about it 1/4 sec and say yes!)
  • Of course, diving is my favorite activity.
  • I love cats and dogs. Unfortunately, it is less convenient to have a turtle in a living room.
  • From the Earth to the Moon, by Jules Verne, is my favorite book.

About my Msc Minor Project

Center for Tropical Water & Aquatic Ecosystem Research (TropWATER) James Cook University, Townsville QDL 4811

Ocean contamination by plastic is an emerging global issue. Although substantial research effort is being directed towards understanding the scale of contaminationby plastic to marine life, progress is hampered by a lack of consistent protocols for measuring biological plastic loads.

My project will address this issue by investigating the suitability of recovery and quantification methods for plastic contaminants in biological samples. Given theecological significance of ingestion as a primary exposure pathway for plastics, I will use the ingestion pathway of green turtles as a case study. Thus, I will develop a consistent protocol to isolate, identify and quantify macro and microplastic plasticles in both green sea turtle gut contents and seagrass they feed.

I am also working on scientific communication, creating and managing the microplastic hub website. You can have a look at the research themes and projects here: marineplasticsresearch.com !

Well, to summarize, I am working on turtles in Australia. It was not amoung the ʻBest Jobs in the Worldʼ contest, but it could have been !

About this Blog

I will share with you on this blog my projects, my small and big discoveries, my favorite videos and readings about biology, diving and travelling !

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