A stopover in Koh Tao

koh tao

A stopover in Koh Tao

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My Koh Tao story started 3 years ago, when I first came with my family to end a trip in Thailand : we needed to relax ! I did my Rescue Diver Certification at Scuba Junction and then we enjoyed Fundives with my sister, father and stepmother. It was an amazing experience to share diving with my family !

Two years later I followed my father’s good advice and I came back to Koh Tao for a 6 weeks Divemaster training. I was diving with Carabao and instructor Xav, the best instructor of Koh Tao ! I chose Carabao because it is an international dive school and I have not been disappointed. I met people from all around the world and we have been diving on the best dive sites of Koh Tao almost every day : Sail Rock, Chumphon and South West. I learnt a lot assisting courses with Xav, Mike, Julien and Gisella and had a lot of fun with divemasters Noellie and Fred. Actually, we were 3 dive schools working together on the same boats : Carabao, French Kiss Divers and Ihasia : great team from France, Spain, Netherland, Germany and of course Switzerland !

It was summer and conditions were perfect : not too hot, water at 29°C and at least 20 meters visibility. If you are planning to do to your Divemaster training I recommend you to to do it at least over 1.5 month/2 months. The DMT includes, inter alia, course assists (Open Water, Advanced and Rescue), swimming tests, a lot of theory, written exams : your stay will be more enjoyable if you are not in a hurry.

Koh Tao is a perfect place to learn diving due to the heterogeneity of dive sites. You can find shallow coral reefs and sandbanks, perfects for DSDs and to pratice skills for the Open Water course. You can also find amazing deeper dive sites, as the wreck, Chumphon or South West to enjoy Adventure dives and Fundives. It is easy to adapt to the needs of each !
If you are wondering what you might see underwater here is a sample of Koh Tao marine fauna. Depending on the dive site, you might be able to see blue spotted stingray, arlequin sweetlips, green sea turtle, puffer fish, many species of soft and hard corals, anemones, barrel sponges, nudibanches, banded boxer and durban dancing shrimps, cobias, queenfishes, trevallies, barracudas, filefish, moray eel and many many others. John Back is an underwater photographer, currently working for Carabao, and you will find amazing pictures of this species and many other from Koh Tao and Bali on his website : johnbackimage. On Stone Fish Movie page, you will also find incredible picture of the Thai underwater wildlife by Guillaume, instructor and photographer in Koh Tao.

This winter I decided to come back to Koh Tao to work as a Divemaster  for 1.5 month. It was an amazing experience, I dove every morning. January is the end of the bad season, so the weather was getting better during my stay even if the visibility was not as good as this summer. Still lovely people from all around the world and a great divemaster trainee team. I love to share my passion for the underwater world and making others discover the Koh Tao dive sites richness was a perfect way to link passion and work !

I am now completing my Master degree doing a 6 months internship about marine turtles exposure to macro/microplastic particles at James Cook University in Australia… More details coming in next article !


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