Endangered Green Turtle

Picture credit: Stone Fish Movie The green turtle, Chelonia mydas (Linnaeus, 1758), is highly exposed and affected by human activities and pollution, resulting in  CITES and  IUCN status « endangered ». According to scientists, plastic particles could have impacts on tissue and… Read More

Plastic Turtles Project

Plastic Turtles Project

I arrived in Australia at the end of February to do my 6 months Master’s internship. So cool to see wallabies on the campus instead of pigeons (in Paris) and boars (in Marseille) ! Wildlife is so beautiful… Read More

Settlement ecology of fin whales

Here is a presentation of the results of a study on the settlement ecology of fin whales in the Mediterranean by conducting an isotopic investigation. Do not hesitate to click on it to watch it full size !

Cystoseira forests

Cystoseira species belong to the genus Fucaceae within the realm of chloroalveolata. They are widespread in the Mediterranean Sea and are very good bioindicators because of their sensitivity to the composition of the water. Here is on the left… Read More

Posidonia oceanica

Herbarium of Posidonia oceanica are the major Mediterranean ecosystem and play an important role in protecting against coastal erosion. It is in these herbarium that many organisms, animals and plants, find protection and food. Geographic repartition Posidonia oceanica  is an… Read More

Clownfish, a funny sex determination.

10% of fishes are successive hermaphrodites which means that they are male or female for a time and then they switch sex. Clownfish, its latin name Amphiprion is a case of successive hermaphrodism where sex determination is made… Read More

Catch them all !

You were sure to have them all caught? Get out your Pokeball, there is a new one ! Actually, this is not really a pokemon. It is Glaucus Atlanticus, a mollusk 3 to 6 cm long that belongs to… Read More

A squid that doesn’t lack resources

In nature, there is a strong selection pressure pushing animals to blend into their environment or conceal their shape. Here is a small animal that hides in a very unusual way! The Bobtail Squid or Sepiolida, belongs to the… Read More

A christmas tree that is worth a look

You haven’t found out your perfect christmas tree ? Let me suggest you the cutest tree you have ever seen :       the christmas tree worm !  They belong to the polychaete family and are spread… Read More

The marvellous hidden corals

A coral reef without hot turquoise sea, sun, and sandy beaches can first appears like bread and Nutella without Nutella. A very sad story you’ll tell me. But let me tell you about a hidden wonder : the… Read More