Conqueror of the impossible


Conqueror of the impossible

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Latitude zero and Conquering the impossible, by Mike Horn are two books that will blow your mind.

Mike Horn realised physical feats over his journeys, and moreover he realised impressive mental feats. I enjoyed a lot the fact that he gives us a lot of technical details about his gear and how to do what you have to do to survive in extreme situations. I really felt like my adventurous skills were improving… sitting in a chair reading a book!

The support of his family was essential for him. His wife helped him to prepare his aventures, and assisted/supported him whenever she could. As I always had the idea that a traveller meet a lot of people but as they don’t settle down, they don’t build a family, I felt reassured that he did. For sure, it must not have been easy everyday to keep the relationship solid, him travelling for months and his wife living with their two little girls. But I am glad they did!

To paraphrase him, the difference between the greatest sportmen, is not in the physical condition but in the mental strength and Mike Horn illustrates this perfectly. He demonstrates that everything is possible if we give ourselves the means. He will inspire you to move on with your life and to realise your dream.

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