koh tao

A stopover in Koh Tao

My Koh Tao story started 3 years ago, when I first came with my family to end a trip in Thailand : we needed to relax ! I did my Rescue Diver Certification at Scuba Junction and then… Read More


Diving in Marseille

Are you planning to dive along the French Riviera ? Don’t forget to visit Marseille and its spectacular nature. The sun is shining almost every day and the water temperature is never colder than 13°C ! Here is a… Read More

Somebody’s drowning !

« SOMEBODY’S DROWNING ! SOMEBODY’S DROWNING ! » That was the sentence I heard the most during my two days of Rescue training ! When one wants to become a marine biologist it is essential to go scuba diving. After… Read More

Thalassa, plongée sous la banquise du pôle Nord.

Six chercheurs et plongeurs évoluant sur la banquise arctique dans le but de rejoindre la côte. Les images des plongées sous la banquise présentées par cet extrait de Thalassa (14/O1/11)  sont époustouflantes. ….. o