Diving in Marseille

Are you planning to dive along the French Riviera ? Don’t forget to visit Marseille and its spectacular nature. The sun is shining almost every day and the water temperature is never colder than 13°C ! Here is a… Read More

Settlement ecology of fin whales

Here is a presentation of the results of a study on the settlement ecology of fin whales in the Mediterranean by conducting an isotopic investigation. Do not hesitate to click on it to watch it full size !

Cystoseira forests

Cystoseira species belong to the genus Fucaceae within the realm of chloroalveolata. They are widespread in the Mediterranean Sea and are very good bioindicators because of their sensitivity to the composition of the water. Here is on the left… Read More

Posidonia oceanica

Herbarium of Posidonia oceanica are the major Mediterranean ecosystem and play an important role in protecting against coastal erosion. It is in these herbarium that many organisms, animals and plants, find protection and food. Geographic repartition Posidonia oceanica  is an… Read More