Settlement ecology of fin whales

Here is a presentation of the results of a study on the settlement ecology of fin whales in the Mediterranean by conducting an isotopic investigation. Do not hesitate to click on it to watch it full size !

Behind the Cinderella’s glass slipper

You thought you know everything about Cinderella story ?  Let’s check if you know this kind of jelly shoe ! Sea-butterflies belong to the snails family, but they are planktonic organisms. Their scientific name is Thecosomata which is… Read More

Millions of stars in the sea

What do all this little shining particles are ? The stars fallen from the sky ? The little mermaid’s   dress ?  In fact no. They are stars born in the sea. A lot of organisms, terrestrial and… Read More

Oceanography Training

From 24/o7 to 01/08 I joined with 14 others students an oceanography training planed by my university in CNRS premises on the French Riviera. We studied physics en chemistry of oceans and mediterranean sea which is very interesting to… Read More