Endangered Green Turtle

Picture credit: Stone Fish Movie The green turtle, Chelonia mydas (Linnaeus, 1758), is highly exposed and affected by human activities and pollution, resulting in  CITES and  IUCN status « endangered ». According to scientists, plastic particles could have impacts on tissue and… Read More

Plastic Turtles Project

Plastic Turtles Project

I arrived in Australia at the end of February to do my 6 months Master’s internship. So cool to see wallabies on the campus instead of pigeons (in Paris) and boars (in Marseille) ! Wildlife is so beautiful… Read More

Good luck and see you in 2042

It began on a beach of New Caledonia when 46 Big-headed turtles were found blocked in their  nest while all the others were gone. Volunteers saved them and took care of them in the Aquarium des Lagons. Of the 46 turtles, 43… Read More